Mo-Brabus | Brabus Widestar Based On The Mercedes ML 63
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Brabus Widestar Based On The Mercedes ML 63

Brabus Widestar Based On The Mercedes ML 63

Mercedes Benz– manufacturer of ML series and producer of quality ML parts like Mercedes ML320 parts– is one of the favorites of the tuning giant Brabus. Just recently the company engaged in a venture that involves the Mercedes ML 63. This special project has made its debut at the 2007 Geneva Motor Show.

The Brabus Widestar does not only present a new and exciting wide track version of the SUV but also presented the new Monoblock E 23-inch forged wheels and Brabus B63 S performance tuning for the ML 63 with 550 hp/404.8 kW.

The Widestar concept which is available for all current M-Class models combines dynamic looks and maximum functionality. The graceful flowing lines of the fender flares front and back increases the vehicle’s width by approximately 4 centimeters. The extra centimeters enhance the car’s looks while the wide track improves handling. The multi piece Brabus Monoblock E wheels with size 11 Jx23 were custom fitted for the wide track version of the M-Class. Their forge wheel center ensures an optimal combination of light weight design and maximum strength. The new light alloy wheels are mounted with high performance tires that measure 315/25 R 23.

Brabus has also equipped its Windestar Concept with a control module for the standard Airmatic air suspension that lowers the vehicle’s height by approximately 30 millimeters which further enhance its sporty road handling characteristics.

The Brabus Widestar body conversion kit is consists of add-on parts for the doors, and rocker panels that results to a more homogenous transition between the fender flares. There are also a complete front and rear fascias replacements for the production counterparts’ front and back. The front spoiler bumper with its three striking air inlets and four integrated auxiliary headlights lends the M-Class more power while minimizing lift on the front axle.

In addition, the combination of the rear spoiler, the rear fascia with integrated diffuser, and four chrome tailpipes of the Brabus stainless-steel sport exhaust system create a remarkable aerodynamic balance. And this very same aerodynamic property of the Brabus Widestar makes it the perfect platform for a tuned version of the ML 63.

The tuned ML 63 was developed by the Brabus motor engineers in the form of a B63 S performance kit. The production V8 engine produces 510 hp/375 kW and fitted with sport air filters together with high-performance metal catalysts and newly programmed engine electronics with custom mapping for ignition and injection. The combination of all these components gives off an increase in power output by 40 hp/31 kW to 550 hp/404.8 kW. The peak torque also increases from 630 Nm to 650 Nm.

Other benefits derived from the Widestar concept includes the ability to sprint from 0 to 100 km/h in a matter of 4.9 seconds. Similarly the engine tuning as well as the installation of the Brabus V/max unit increases top speed from 250 km/h to 275 km/h.

Safety features were made even better by the Brabus Widestar concept like for instance using high-performance brake system which features 12-piston aluminum fixed calipers with vented and cross-drilled 380 x 36 millimeter discs on the front axle. Plus add to it the 355x28mm brake discs and 6 piston calipers in the rear enables this Widestar brake system to deliver an impressive stopping power that is comparable to purebred sports cars.

Interior designing is another specialty of the Brabus and for the M-Class they have created an exclusive interior options consisting of stainless steel door sills with illuminated Brabus logo, an ergonomically shaped sport steering wheel and a leather covered door trim pieces to upgrade the factory leather. The Brabus exclusive leather interiors were made from carefully crafted combinations of the finest Mastik leather and Alcantara.

The production front seats were also equipped with special rear consoles that reach all the way to the headrests in which a seven-inch 16:9 LCD screens with integrated DVD player. There is also an electric folding table made from precious wood added to complete the interior.

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