Mo-Brabus | What is car chiptuning?
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What is car chiptuning?

What is car chiptuning?

What is car chiptuning?


Ask the average Dutch person what he thinks about car tuning and you probably get the answer that tuning is adjusting the look of your car. However the inner of the car is als an important part of tuning. By using chiptuning you can make your car faster and more sustainable. But what exactly happens with auto chiptuning? In this article we will tell you all about it.  


How chiptuning works

In modern cars there is an Electronic Control Unit (ECU) that controls the car engine. A number of important tasks of the ECU are controlling the amount of fuel being injected, the regulation of the turbo pressure and the determination of the ignition timing. Because there are many species engines, the software o the chip in an ECU is tuned to the type of engine. In this way, the car engine is prevented from being overloaded. By default, the software that is loaded on the chip is set in such a way that the car engine stays well below the maximum load. This creates space with engine tuning software to tune the chip that the car can drive more sustainably and faster.


Concrete performance improvements

If chiptuning is done correctly, this can result in a performance improvement that can up to forty percent (with regard to the pulling power and top speed of your car). When a car has an atmospheric engine, the performance improvement is approximately eight percent. Chiptuning can ensure that you can reduce the fuel consumption (under the condition that you do not adjust your driving style). This makes tuning also interesting if you are not into fast driving, but just want to burden less the environment.


How dangerous is chiptuning?

As in any industry, quality is very important. With this we mean the quality of the software and the chip. A professional chiptuning company test its software for quality and safety. That’s why chiptuning isn’t necessary dangerous.


However, there are points of interest, such as faster wear of certain car parts, if you use the full power of the tuned engine. But a professional company will draw your attention to the points of interest if the chiptuning has done, so you don’t have to suffer any disadvantage.  


Chiptuning and warranty

Manufacture and trademark dealers handle certain requirements when it comes to tuning your car. As long you remain to their conditions, you do not have to expect many problems around the guarantee of your car. Be aware of the guarantee you get from a chiptuner. Usually the warranty covers the software and not the hardware (the Electronic Control Unit). It is good to get clarity about this, so if something unexpected happens, there will be no disagreement.    


Where can you chip your car?

In the Netherlands there are several chip tuners where you can go to. There are also online possibilities to request tuning files. You can use Google to find a suitable company. Google on ‘chiptuning online’, it is super easy!


Car chip tuning, to do or not to do?

Now you know how car chip tuning works, you can decide for yourself if you want to make an investment. Do you still doubting? Then we advise you to orient yourself or ask a chiptuner for advice. Eventually you’ll make a well considered decision, good luck!    


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